Our Congregation

Who is CCC?

We are a Bible believing local church passionate about:

  • Making Jesus known
  • Facilitating spiritual growth under the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • Seeing people strengthened, encouraged, and healed

We are located at the Arts Center behind Pinotage and next to the BD Flower Market on Shun huang Road, right off of Jingmi Lu. We have one service on Sunday’s at 10:00AM with youth services and small groups meeting throughout the week.

We believe that Beijing is an amazing and exciting city. It is extremely diverse and offers an experience for expats that is unforgettable. While life in Beijing can be frustrating and confusing at times, most find it to be a vibrant experience; one of growth and significance. It is a place where Expats often experience an increased growth in their spiritual lives due to the different environment and the unique work that God does in and through them during their time in China.

In the midst of this giant city, CCC is a wonderful place to meet new friends for you, your spouse, and your children who are having a similar experience of living in a foreign culture. 

We believe that you are here for a purpose. Whatever work or life circumstance has drawn you to Beijing, we know that God is deeply at work in your story and intends to use your time in Beijing to work both in you and through you.

It is a great privilege to see the work that God does in the lives of so many people and families through his ministry at CCC.

If you have any questions about CCC or life in Beijing feel free to ask us. You can send any emails to and by all means, come for a visit on a Sunday morning and worship with us.