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    About Zach

    02.02.17 | CCC Leadership

    Zach originally got involved at Capital Community Church out of an interest in volunteering with the youth program. It is a pleasant surprise to him that he is now the youth pastor. Since moving to China he has most enjoyed attempting to learn...

      About Phyllis Ayers


      Being of Chinese descent, I have always dreamed of living in China, speaking Chinese, celebrating Chinese culture. When my husband’s company decided to relocate him to their Beijing office, we were very excited and moved to Beijing in...

        About Joshua Haller

        02.02.17 | CCC Leadership

        Joshua Haller is originally from Wisconsin in the US but moved to Hong Kong and later China with his parents and 3 sisters in May 1994, and his younger brother has lived here his whole life. Josh is the tech guy at CCC, responsible for the...

          About Mable Meng

          02.02.17 | CCC Leadership

          Mable Meng is CCC's wonderful administrative assistant - she makes everything happen. She was born and raised in China and lives in Beijing with her parents and a male dog named "flower". Mable is always helping others. At 18 months of age she...

            About Robin Hill


            Robin Hill lives in Beijing with his wife, Joyce, and the youngest of their 8 kids, Kaitlyn. Robin was born in the UK, moved to New Zealand at age 23, and has been in Beijing since 1994. He was once voted the worst singer in New Zealand on...